Sustainable Community & Parklands

June 2020

Elton Parkland presents a strategic opportunity to create a new community centred on enhanced greenspace for biodiversity and recreation. The proposals would deliver around 2,400 homes and 90 hectares of enhanced country park centred on the area around Elton and Withins reservoirs.

This is a sustainable location with proposed walking and cycling routes, a new link road, and a community hub at a new station with park and ride facilities on the Metrolink line between the urban areas of Radcliffe and Bury.

By working in partnership with Bury Council, the Canal & River Trust, Transport for Greater Manchester, along with other landowners, Peel will help deliver an improved asset of real and lasting value for the communities of Bury and Radcliffe.

Elton is one of a suite of Parkland proposals made by Peel which will deliver high quality green infrastructure promoting landscape conservation, recreation and enhanced biodiversity. This would be supported by adjacent sustainable urban extensions on the urban fringe. Other Parkland opportunities exist at Mossland Park (Salford and Wigan), Hulton Parklands (Bolton) and Linnyshaw and Wardley Parkland (Salford).

Peel’s vision for Elton is bold and inclusive. It aims to deliver a unique and modern piece of Green Infrastructure for Greater Manchester that would increase public access to the outdoors, encouraging healthier lifestyles, enhance biodiversity and natural habitats and foster the restoration of important landscapes and ecological features.

The Elton Parkland would be an integrated environment, making a valuable contribution to the overall quality of life and the promotion of outdoor activities and wellbeing in Greater Manchester.