Trade, Transport, Jobs & Investment

March 2020

In the Liverpool City Region, there are numerous employment opportunities to seize which build on Peel Ports’ investment in Liverpool2 and Halton’s investment in the Mersey Gateway Bridge.

These investments, coupled with Liverpool John Lennon Airport, are key assets to support trade, inward investment and employment growth. They have capacity to accommodate growth but the shortage of suitable land for modern logistics and manufacturing facilities must be addressed, where necessary with release of land from the Green Belt, to create the jobs in the City Region.

Government support for schemes such as the Warrington Western Link which will resolve long standing congestion in the town and open up opportunities for growth is welcomed. However, additional funding is urgently needed to deliver major road schemes within towns and city regions and to provide access to global gateways; such schemes include the South Liverpool Eastern Access Corridor which will provide capacity for growth of key sectors in South Liverpool and improve access to Liverpool John Lennon Airport.